1 hr 22 min 2021

As California forest fires rage across the state, over 3,000 professional firefighters and 3,000 volunteer inmates battle the fires for many months on end, sometimes into the winter. Without incarcerated firefighters, California would not be able to manage the growing intensity of fire season. The employment of inmate firefighters-- and the opportunities and challenges that await them upon their release from prison-- are at the heart of Fireboys. 

Credits: Rerecording Mixer,  Field Recording, Location Recording

100 Second Chances

Employment is the most important factor for those who successfully re-enter society after prison. 100 Second Chances goes inside Edwins, a restaurant that offers those trying to make this difficult transition an opportunity to succeed.

Credits: Rerecording mixer, Sound Design

All It Takes

With the ever-growing prescription and use of opiate pain medication, heroin addiction has spread across traditional barriers of class, race, gender, and age and become common in all segments of society. Yet while the path to addiction is distressingly easy, the way out is unimaginably difficult. ALL IT TAKES explores the opiate epidemic in Lorain County from the point of view of addicts and through the efforts of those who work to help these addicts recover their lives and their dignity.

Credits: Rerecording mixer, Sound Design, Interview Lighting

Short Correspondence

Experimental film with macro-fluid filming and 16mm film. 

Credits: Filmmaker and music/sound design

Refraction Study

Credits: Camera and Music

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